Transfer-store box for vacuum blood collection tubes(cryo box)

Transfer-store box for vacuum blood collection tube(cryo box)

Patent Transfer-store box for vacuum blood collection tube

100wells cryo box,fit for 13*75mm/13*100mm uncaped vacuum blood collection tube or test tube with blood samples inside.

Can store,transfer, and cryo the uncaped test tube with samples inside.

Can avoid sample pollute.


Packing:bulk packing,60 pieces/carton

Gongdong medical is a professional manufacturer of vacuum blood collection tube.

GD Vacuum Blood Collection System include:

Vacuum blood collection tube:

1.Vacuum blood collection tube:

a.Serum blood collection tube (Red Plain Tube, Red Pro-coagulation Tube, Yellow Gel & Clot Activator Tube)

b.Plasma blood collection tube (Blue PT tube, Double wall PT tube, Green Heparin Tube, Green Gel & Heparin Tube, Grey Glucose tube, Lavender Gel & EDTA Tube)

c.Whole blood collection tube(Lavender EDTA Tube, Black ESR Tube,120*8mm ESR tube and ESR rack)

2.Micro Blood collection tube, Capillary blood collection tube, Non-vacuum blood collection tube

3.Multi sample needle, Butterfly needle

4.Normal tube holder, Tube holder with safety cover

5.Sharp container, Transfer-store box for vacuum blood collection tube.

We specialize in the development and production of disposable medical devices, and medical testing supplies.

We will redouble our efforts to strive for excellence in our technologies and to improve our services. We will also develop products of higher quality to contribute more to improving human health.

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